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Pre & Post-Matrimonial Investigation

Pre -Matrimonial Investigation

Our ancestor say marriage are made in heaven but at this day and age it will not be wrong to say that marriages are made in online matrimonial websites and other match making apps.We are living in 2019 where from food to eat till clothes to wear, everything is available online and you can get very little thing at your doorstep without any inconvenience. Same applies for finding brides and grooms for marriage. Younger generation of today believes that a suitable life partner is just a few clicks away. Parents are also getting used to this idea, but still they are doubtful. They have thousands of questions across their mind .

How We Do It :-

Our expert find out contact details of the person to be investigated and a photo if possible. We assign specifically chosen agents specializing in pre-matrimonial investigations to carry out discreet inquiries.

Relations with other men / women: The prospective bride / groom’s current relationships sometimes tend to continue even after the marriage that tends to become a continuous source of conflict in their later married life. Knowledge of prospective spouses current and where ever possible past relationship will go a long way in making an informed decision about the marriage.

we find out video surveillance and record video as well as conversations.

We find out investigation into their finances and their liabilities,criminal activity and drug abuse.

Post -Matrimonial Investigation


Alliance Detective is the foremost private detective agency which delivers fantastic post matrimonial investigation services. If you find that your spouse is behaving abnormal and he/she is not giving you much time then it will lead to you in a conclusion.that your spouse might have extramarital affair. So in that circumstances you should not sit calm, there is a need of inquiry and investigation in which you can detect whether your doubt is real or it is misconception. Then you should call us for investigations and set your mind at rest we find out the facts behind the awkward behavior of your spouse and summarize all the proofs that can help you to clear your doubt.

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