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GPS Tracker Investigation

GPS Tracker Investigation

The Global Positioning System provides unlimited opportunities to locate people, vehicles and other objects. Tracking may be carried out by means of self-contained devices, or by using a GPS-capable phone. The accuracy is in the range from one to a few meters.

Our GPS locators allow you to keep an eye on your employees by tracking the route of company vehicles. With this solution, you know exactly where the car was located and at what time. The tracking data can also be stored for later retrieval. This handy technology allows you to track a stolen vehicle or to keep an eye on valuable shipments – it’s a worthwhile investment!

Our professional range of locators is equipped with motion sensors that instantly detect changes in position. Some models also include a microphone so that, for instance, a phone can record sound inside a stolen vehicle, improving its chances of recovery. They can also keep eye on loved ones. Our GPS locators are compact and robust, making a barely perceptible difference to luggage weight. You could supervise your child when they go out. We also offer special watches with GPS functions to make it easier to look after youngsters.

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