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It is an exclusive Vehicle GPS tracker, which enables comprehensive Vehicle tracking & management through its special features that focus on the needs of the transportation system.

This device can simply attach in a magnetic way, knowing that any case of misconduct will be taken into consideration.

This is a user-friendly GPS tracker that offers a variety of reporting and warning features, and with the latest technology, it also allows users to listen to conversations inside

the hidden microphone and the SOS button to report any emergencies.

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The vehicle tracking, or GPS tracking is a technology that mixes vehicle tracking with computer code interfaces that show vehicle information.

This information will then be employed by the corporate as business intelligence to form informed choices.

To collect information concerning the automotive, a tracking device is put in within the automotive.

It collects information on vehicles of every kind, from turning the engine on and off to fuel consumption, mistreatment devices connected to the vehicle, etc., further as for comparison location information.

Some of its Distinct Features Include

Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Over-Speeding Alert
Park Fence Alert
Built-in Flash Memory
SMS Interface
Web Interface
Hidden Microphone to Listen to Conversations in Vehicle
SOS Button to Report Emergency
Customized Reports
Reporting Features

Distance Report
Speed Report
Trip Report
Park Fence Report
Top Speed Report
Vehicle Idling Report
Vehicle Stationary Report
Alerting Features

Movement Alert
Speed Alert
Park Fence Alert
Top Speed Alert

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