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Alliance detective agency is a highly experienced in cyber crime investigation that comprehensively assists Small Businesses, Corporations and personals address unwanted cybercrime issues impacting their lives.

Each year we solve thousands of Cyber Crime Investigation in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, And Meerut, which varies from Unlawful Computer Interruptions, Extortion, Internet Fake & Fraud, Cyber Harassment,

Invasion of Privacy, Defamation, Intellectual Property Theft, Copyright Infringement, etc.

cyber crime activities.

Every day our experts are coming across more high-tech approaches that cyber-criminals are using to hide their identity, use as attack platforms, to disturb, abolish, mischief people trades, and lives.

Cyber Crimes states to several crimes that are committed using communication campaigns like social media, internet, telephone, or mobile.

Some of the committed crime activities are like:

  • IT Theft
  • Electronic Fraud
  • Illegal entree to or interception of computer data
  • Unlawful deletion or damaging of computer data
  • Misapplication of IT Devices
  • Illegitimate intrusion with the computer system
  • These or more activities may be against an organization, individual or government.
  • Different Types of Cyber Crime

With the development of expertise and enhance in the use of the internet has resulted in Cyber Crimes taking different forms like as:

Rejection of Service
Virus Attack
Software Privacy
Cyber Stalking, etc

plan of action

know your rights

We will tell you the rights you have by which if you are cheated in cybercrime or in any fraud-related activity

which you have to assist them to enhance the scientific evidence that they need to file a criminal action.

Our highly experienced and proficient experts have come across such situations very often

Cyber Crime Investigation in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, And Meerut helps our clients to solving their case and find perfect paths that most laws firms

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