matrimonial investigation

There was a Family Somewhere in Delhi. Their Son was a web Designer in a Reputed Company in Gurugram. So, they were thinking about his Marriage. One day family sits together and discusses the marriage. They started searching for the Bride on the Matrimonial Site and after some days found the girl. One Day the Family decides to meet the girl who lives in Ghaziabad. They started talking with each other.

Two months had passed. One day the Boy Noticed something wrong with the girl because there is a big change in her behavior. The boy felt so weird and then he decides to Investigate the girl. What She is doing? Where she is working? About her Past? The boy started searching for the Best Detective Agency and found Alliance Detective Agency in Delhi. Then he Called Our Private Detective Agency In Delhi and discussed her Story and hired our Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation Service for the Investigation of her Case. We Send Our Expert Investigating Team for surveillance of the suspect and Our Detective team arrived at the location of the target.

On the first day of the investigation, our Detective Agency team keeps eyes on the girl but she didn’t step out of the house. The next day she left the house. Our detective team started following and shadowing him. She went to the Busstand which was about 4 km from her house. She covered the distance by Taxi and took Bus. After 6 stops she left the Bus and went to the nearest Cafe and call Someone. After few Minutes a Boy arrives and both started talking to each other. She spends 2 hours with that guy, Order Lunch. After lunch, she took the bus and return home. Second Day, Again she didn’t step out of the house but our team still keeps eyes on her.

On the third day, our private detectives followed that girl and noticed that the Boy who was in the cafe came. He made the girl sitting on his Bike and both went to the Park which is around 5 km far away from the house. After spending 3 hours with each other leaves the girl near her house and leaves.

On the fourth day, our private detectives followed that girl and again noticed that girl spending some time with that stranger boy. After 6 days of surveillance, it was confirmed that she was in an affair with that stranger boy and cheat on the boy she meets on the matrimonial site. Thatswhy Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation is very important.


So, The Outcome is that “She was in an affair”. We submitted the report to the Boy. Later it was revealed that her family was too involved in this Fraud and they were doing all this for the Greed of Money and to fulfill his hobbies. Thatswhy Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation is very important.

So, we Suggest every client for Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation. Whether it is a Boy or Girl before Marriage there should be correct and proper knowledge about Work, Character, Social status, Background, Behavior, and Past.

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